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the bummer tapes

by no momentum

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  • ALMOST OOP - NEVER TO BE PRESSED AGAIN - limited first run cassette - white tape w/ red splatter
    Cassette + Digital Album

    alright we have two of these ugly chunks of plastic left and they're gonna go down swinging. hand-dubbed and splattered, these are the very first tapes we EVER made ourselves. highly sentimental. format-exclusive layout which is cut horribly, but made with love.

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go to sleep 02:26
my brain feels like it's overloading and saying, "oh, you think you know self-loathing?" but i've got great methods of coping, countless bowls i'm smoking and friends who'll keep me from strolling into traffic but friends leave and climb up social rungs and when the smoke hits my lungs it doesn't take too long till i'm right back at step one so i will call you every night when i'm freaking the fuck out you're probably used to it by now you've probably got your script out: "so when you go to sleep, they will cleanse you of your sins they will let you start again, you'll remember all your friends and all the times that you guys killed or that you spent." you always had this way with words that got me back into my head but do i need that? i don't need that (but could you please stay on the phone?) but i guess enough is enough one more thought before you hung up you talked about a boy who asked for too much i didn't fucking listen, i sat and i shrugged "so when you soon wake up, they will know just what you did they'll be coming for your head, they will tear your soul to shreds so i suggest you run and hide while you still can." maybe not the words i wanted, but i've got this blood on my hands and i can't clean them
shady fuckin kid with his hands in his pockets someone call his mom, he's acting mighty toxic gonna start a problem and swear he never caused it shady fuckin kid with a knife in his hand and he spirals down the drain no one knows where the trophy son goes tells a lie to his mom and it's sticking to his teeth he's haunted by the ghosts and the debts that he owes could hardly believe the intent to deceive shady fuckin kid with a nine in his pocket someone call the cops, he's acting mighty toxic gonna start a problem and swear he never caused it shady fuckin kid with his hands on your throat and we lost him around two years ago they found a kid shot up and thrown into a manhole i thought about how you wouldn't shut up on the rides home you're probably drugged up and sleeping with one eye closed but what do i know? you'd sell your soul for a cigarette and dimebag you're spitting on the respect for you that your friends had i'd run and tell your folks but they'd say, "oh, that's too bad"
i brush my teeth until they bleed is this coming clean? i roll my eyes, repeat that lie again, "yea, i'm coming clean" a new man, a new day the same plans, same mistakes this disgrace on my face will stay until the end of days come you crash your car into a wall you say you're nothing i say, "you're all of everything to me" a longterm plan: an ampersand embroidered on a towel in our kitchen in the light of day, you feel safe to say, "please stay until the end of days come" (i did not choose you, i was molded in your form) (you spat on dirt, i was born, and i've since been bored my whole sad life)
so i'm never going out, glued right to my fucking couch shit's been streaming from my mouth for awhile now and everybody's skipping town and everyone who stuck around is shaking on the comedown oh god, i want out apathy, turn your back on me i refuse to be your casualty i'm standing on some balcony screaming, "no capacity for stagnancy" don't wait for the light it'll keep you waiting up all night
take it easy, let it go, hide away where no one knows it's just a matter of chemicals creating problems within my skull please just leave me alone, i'll fix myself on my own please just leave me alone, i wish i could explode i'll wait outside the pearly gates until you tag along they'll let me in as your +1 because we both know i'll never make it alone i'm lying when i say that i can get better by myself i need you to watch over me and keep me off the shelf
Mr. Krabs: The one that goes "bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-beep." Radio DJ: No, man. You're thinking of "bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-bop." Mr. Krabs: Bee-boo-boo-boo-boo-bop, [Garbly telephone noise] bee-boo-boo-bop, [Garbly telephone noise] boo-boo-bee-bop? [Garbly telephone noise] Not bee-boo-boo-beep? [Garbly telephone noise] Bop? [Garbly telephone noise] Beep? [Garbly telephone noise] Boo-boo-bop? [SpongeBob screams]


released June 29, 2018

produced by no momentum and ronnie scocozza.

tracks 1-3 recorded, mixed, and mastered by ronnie scocozza
tracks 4-6 engineered by kelly bowman.


no momentum is:

kelly bowman - guitar/vocals
dan watkins - bass
marty headley - drums


all rights reserved



no momentum Poughkeepsie, New York

we have impeccable hygiene

marty - drums/vox
curt - guitar
dan - bass/vox
kelly - vox/guitar

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